Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well the quilt I am working on is coming together... I am now working on the rigging for the shrimp nets.... Then comes the big part of the quilt the 2 pelicans... This quilt has been alot of fun so far... Hopefully it will all work out.
Well I added the netting for the shrimp nets..... figured I'd add the post

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am currently working on an art quilt. It started from eth painting that I had completed above. The tough part has been deciding on the fabric. I started, as you can see above, piecing the water.. with different colored fabrics. Then decided to go for whole cloth and dye some of the fabric, I sewed the fabric in gathers and then added ink and bleach... this technique did not give me the effect I was looking for, so then I used this same fabric, stippled it, and then added fabric paint to give the color variation that I wanted to achieve. Finally, I was feeling better about the process. Next step was the sky, this is fabric painted and stippled. The original painting does not include the sun, but I wanted a little more color into the quilt. So at this point I have the the basics done.... oh yea, and I started on the land and trees... sitting back now and deciding if I am going to work on the forground or the boat next....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, I am working on organizing my stash... whoo got through my scrap bend today and finally color coded them.... I have collected so much stash over the years. If you are a crafter or artist you know, we do not like to throw any of our supplies away.... (we might find just the right use for this thing a ma gig). Yea, the long cold winter is almost over. Today it's not quite sunny, but the temperature is warmer.
I feel like a failure this semester, my health has been acting up, and I withdrew this semester, I knew that I would never catch up with my art/sculpture projects. That hasnt' stopped me from being constructive at home.... and messy. I have completed a few mini wall quilts, started back painting.
I had to laugh the other day one of the ladies was talking about how lil time she has to complete tasks.... she stated she had to let something go... and that was shaving her legs, she stated that she had found a use for her shaving cream in her art. I thought about her statement, had a great laugh, and wondered about how many things I let go, due to time...or is it pure procastination.
As my mounds of material build up around me and piles of left overs from this project and that. my desk is almost to full to type, and I'm finding it hard to find things... I guess unfortuantely its time for spring cleaning...but I have to go to the grocery store, fix dinner, do the dishes, and of course make time for american idol...
Guess, I'll be happy with my well sorted box of scrap fabric, and shoot for another goal tomorrow.... Have a wonderful day....

Monday, January 18, 2010

working on the last part of my triology

During class this last semester, I started working on a new project of mixed media. The project became all about women. I had completed 2 panels, but thought this needed a 3rd. I have finally painted 3 more panels that fit into this work. I would love any feedback, or ideas from all of you... I am also including some of my recent polymer clay work... I have been working alot with tribal beads. These have been fun to create.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I am currently still working on bags for the holidays and birthdays... I think I have made 16 bags lately... my next one I am going to try and incoperate a collage into... Johnny's daughter received my latest quilt for xmas she was excited. This bag is for his daughter Amy. The photo above are the only polymer clay items, I have been working with they are key chains and pins with a "Twilight" theme.... for my Twlight fans in Jacksonville. I can't believe my break from school is almost up... Hope everyone has a wonderful new year...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

neglected post

Hi there, wow have I neglected my blog... I have been working hard going to school full time... Today was my last day of classes for the semester.... I am enclosing some photos of my work this semester.... I will be posting some of the pottery I completed this semester also... I have had a blast creating these projects.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Trying to work on my pictures. I have terrible photos all seemed blurred. I downloaded Picasa on Google to see if this would help with the quality of my photos. Tomorrow, I am going to try and take out side photos to see if this helps. Are you gearing up for the holidays?

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